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    The Human Calculator® has been teaching math and entertaining people with his astonishing math skills for more than 20 years. People challenge him almost every day to calculate large math problems in his head-and he loves each challenge!

    Bestselling author Scott Flansburg is “The Human Calculator®” – a nickname given to him by television star Regis Philbin.

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    The Human Calculator Calendar

    The Human Calculator Calendar has 365 days divided into 13 months of 28 days each and the first day of the year is the Zero Day.

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  • Math Magic

    Math Magic Revised Edition

    Don't live in fear of math any longer. Math Magic makes math what you may never have imagined it to be: easy and fun!

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    Math Magic for Your Kids

    In Math Magic, his New York Times bestseller, Scott Flansburg demonstrated his universal ability to make math fun and easy for adults. Now in Math Magic for Your Kids, the Human Calculator does the same for elementary school children.

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