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With over 20 years of educating people of all ages throughout the world, Scott Flansburg knows what it takes to turn kids and adults of any age into a Human Calculator®. His revolutionary techniques to unlocking the secret to numbers are proven to improve your mental calculation skills, just ask any of the THOUSANDS of students he has successfully taught.  As an experienced ‘edutainer’ and World Maths Day Ambassador, Scott tours the world with the mission to inspire kids to learn his original way to think about math.

Scott’s educational programs are packed with excitement, mind-blowing demonstrations, and hands on learning to give each student the best possible learning experience. His programs can be tailored to fit any time schedule your school may have, and incorporates multimedia to enhance the creative learning process.  In addition to Scott’s classroom demonstrations, students in your classroom can be motivated and inspired by Scott’s unique talents through his education bestselling children’s book, “Magic Math for Kids.”

As an Ambassador of the World Maths Day, Scott’s classroom programs are designed to give students the confidence and support to further their mathematical pursuits and even join in the games.   During World Maths Day, students have the chance to play up to 100 mathematical games against others from around the world for the chance to appear in the Hall of Fame.

Taking the time to learn and improve the skills in math and problem solving that you already have is a very important step, and that is what Scott does best. Every time Scott educates and reveals his methods for rapid and accurate calculations he is careful to explain each and every step in detail, giving students a complete and thorough understanding of numbers.

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